Motorcycle Track Currently Being Built on Zimmerman Road in Harpersfield, NY

This is a website put together on behalf of concerned citizens in Delaware County, NY. Its purpose is to relay detailed information regarding the motorcycle track being built on Zimmerman Rd. in the town of Harpersfield to the community.

The project is called: New York Safety Track (NY Safety Track). Harpersfield Town officials and Delaware County Officials have described it as a motorcycle safety track.

On June 29, 2011, the agent for the owners stated that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit organization, was interested in purchasing the property to build a motorcycle safety track. On July 23, 2012, The Motorcycle Safety Foundation stated that they have no connection to the project what so ever.

On July 27, 2011, the NY Safety Track track manager provided a notarized letter to the Harpersfield Planning Board in connection with the site plan application for the project, stating that his agent was working on his behalf in the “MSF Track subdivision”. MSF is an abbreviation commonly used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The Storm Water Prevention Plan allows for 6.06 acres of increased impermeable surface. Town Officials have no information regarding how much acreage has been paved. There is no inspection report available.


“…Part of the issue is what officials believe is a rumor the course will become a race track. In that case, (Glenn) Nealis, (Dean) Darling and (Jim) Eisel have all said the owners would have to return to the planning board as it would be a change in use.”
Mountain Eagle, June 21, 2012

“(highway superintendent)…asked if at any time it would be a race track… (Glenn) Nealis said it is not for racing, but for use as a safety training track.”
Mountain Eagle, May 18, 2012

At a Delaware County IDA meeting on June 15, 2012, Bill Willis of the IDA asserted that he presented the project to Klingers in Walton as a motorcycle safety project. The owner of Klingers, a Delaware County business, was positive about the project, partly because “he felt that having a safety track could save lives.”
IDA meeting minutes, June 15, 2012

“…the intent is to operate seven days per week…”
Glenn Nealis, Delaware County IDA, quoted in Mountain Eagle, June 21,2012

Please visit this video link, which was, until recently, featured on the NY Safety Track website:

Documents, including relevant minutes from Harpersfield Town and Planning Board meetings, IDA meetings, and County meetings, and the SEQR,are posted on the Essential Information page.

For more information please contact Harpersfield Town Clerk, Linda Goss, at (607) 652-5060


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