Events Planned for 2013

New York Safety Track has been approved by the Harpersfield Planning Board to to offer motorcycle safety training “solely to give the rider a feel (what) they can expect on the roads.”
NYST has contracted with 
North Eastern Sports Bike Association (NESBA) and TEAM PROMOTION. NESBA and TEAM-PROMOTION activities do not fall under “solely… (what) the rider… can expect on the roads.”

racing photo 1

NESBA and TEAM PRO-MOTION activities at NYST (scheduled for 5/11, 5/12/ 5/31, 6/1, 6/15, 6/16, etc…Source will be a clear violation of the site plan parameters.
“A Typical Track Day With NESBA  – Is Far From “Typical”
This is what you can expect at a motorcycle track day with NESBA, where you’ll tear up the racetrack with fellow sportbike addicts, elevate your skill and have the time of your life doing it:”
Description of advanced classes: “This group has very little supervision….This group is run much like an open racing practice.”
Certification School will provide a student who follows the general guidelines and shows proper acknowledgement of the material being presented with certification to purchase a CCS license upon completing and passing the course. CCS rules and regulations along with procedures, flags, safety along with riding and racing strategy will be covered. Motorcycle preparation, basic suspension and geometry theory and overall racing mentality, will complete this course.

CCS stands for: Champion Cup Series Motorcycle Road Racing (

Team-Pro Club President Glen Goldman raced motorcycles starting at age seven.  Over 40 wins and a Championship in CCS, Glen went on to race FUSA and select AMA rounds.  Glen was chosen to race by Team Fast By Ferracci aboard the Ducati 748.  GP Moto was created to help riders Get Started Racing. Race GP Moto Cup during select track days and you too could go on to having your own racing career.

To obtain ARS Active Racer Support and GPMoto License you will need the following: A 2012 or 2013 GPMoto …or Regionally Recognized Racing License

A New Racer ART RACE school certificate.  Schools held at all GPMoto (GP means ‘go pro’) events (recognized by CCS)

GPMoto Racing and Black Expert Run Group
GPMoto will now feature an additional Elite class.  GPMoto will remain a two race per event series.

GPMoto Cup and Elite classes will be running two wave starts. Prizes will be awarded for all four events with grand champion prizes given at end of season. All participants of GPMoto Cup and GPMoto Elite will race any machine deemed safe by the tech inspector who has final say.


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