IMPORTANT TOWN MEETING DECEMBER 10th. Racetrack Landowners Have Brought Legal Action Against Your Town and School District

Taxpayers in Davenport and Harpersfield, NY, are encouraged to attend a meeting at Harpersfield Town HallTuesday December 10th, 2013,  7:15 pm, at which Supervisor, Jim Eisel, and members of the Harpersfield Town Board will vote whether or not to lower the tax assessment for the racetrack landowners by 50%.

Decisions regarding the racetrack landowners tax issue will affect tax-payers in the town of Harpersfield and the school district of Charlotte Valley (Davenport tax-payers).

According to an open letter from Davenport Town Supervisor, Dennis Valente, Dated November 14th, 2013, NY Safety Track has reneged on their agreement to mitigate the impact their operation has had on Parker Schoolhouse Rd., Monies promised to the town for road repairs (which, according to the agreement, were to be paid in mid-July) have not be submitted.

Please attend this important meeting at Harpersfield Town Hall, Tues. Dec. 10th at 7:30 pm. at HARPERSFIELD TOWN HALL – 25399 New York 23, Harpersfield, NY 13786
(607) 652-5060.


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