Essential Information

View the following documents for pertinent facts about the race track:
(To receive hard copies of the documentation below please contact Harpersfield Town Clerk, Linda Goss, at 607-652-5060)

The following is a copy of an email from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, stating that the owners of the motorcycle track in Harpersfield have no affiliation with their organization.

“from: Ben Zadrozny to:
date: Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 11:26 AM
subject: Re: motorcycle track in Delaware County

Whoever this person is they are not affiliated with, working on behalf of, or with the permission of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Please let the appropriate parties know.
Ben Zadrozny

Program Manager
New York State Motorcycle Safety Program / Motorcycle Safety Foundation
434 Saratoga Road
Scotia, NY 12302

The following are Harpersfield Planning Board meeting minutes, in which the contracted agent for the project owners presented an application from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, an organization with which, according to a representative from the foundation (above) the project has never had any affiliation.

The following is a notarized letter delivered to the Harpersfield Town Planning Board on July 25, 2011, signed by the track manager. “MSF” is an abbreviation commonly used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
notary letter 001

The following are Delaware County Planning Board meeting minutes at which Kristen Janke Schneider, the Delaware County Engineer, presented an application for the track to the Delaware County Planning Board from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, an organization with which, according to a representative from the foundation (above), the project has no affiliation.

Review 239 p1

The following are the meeting minutes from the public hearing, at which affected landowners could voice concerns on the project. An affected resident was misinformed at this meeting regarding local noise ordinance. She was told that ‘noise levels are described in town law’ and was told that she could refer noise complaints to the code officer. In fact, the town of Harpersfield has no noise ordinance. At a town board meeting on Tuesday, August 15, 2012, Planning Board Chairman, Dean Darling stated that he is aware that the town has no noise ordinance.

Minutes from Harpersfield Town Board meeting at which Dean Darling, head of the Planning Board, confirms that any change in USE OF THE SITE will require that the owners obtain further permissions from the Planning Board. 

Agricultural Data Statment (2 pages) in which owner David Lubinitsky confirms that instruction at the track will follow Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum and that bikes used will be modified to produce lower than stock sound levels:

Ag data p1
Ag Data p2

Full SEQR: (21 pages)

SEQR 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016 0017 0018 0019 00110 00111 00112 00113 00114 00115 00116 00117 00118 00119 00120 00121 001


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